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Ratten- & Mäusespray

Ratten- & Mäusespray

Insektenschutz-Spray, 250ml
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Dieses Produkt ist ein natürliches Nagetierkontroll- und Spinnenabwehrspray, das aus Pfefferminzöl hergestellt wird. Es kann sicher drinnen und draußen verwendet werden, um Schädlinge ohne schädliche Substanzen fernzuhalten.

Mische 3-6 Tropfen in 100 ml Wasser, schüttle gut und trage es auf die gewünschte Fläche auf. Das Produkt kann für bis zu 25-30 Nachfüllungen verwendet werden und die Sprühflasche ist für deine Bequemlichkeit enthalten.

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Sam Tyler
Out Ye Mice and Wasps and Spiders and

I have scent that keeps cats off my borders. It makes sense to me as it contains a scent that cats cannot stand, but a scent that gets rid of mice, wasps and spiders? All of them? A hybrid creature, the Mousewaspider? The three things are very different. I think they must all have a mutual dislike of mint as that is what this smells like. We have used it around the garage and there have been no new mice to our knowledge. I am not sure how much this is the spray.It is simple enough to use. You have to add a few drops to water as it is concentrated. This means that the small bottle goes a decent way. The only real issue is that I am not sure how effective it has been, but nothing else it has reassured my family that we are at least trying to do something about the mice.

Repulsif naturel qui fonctionne parfaitement

Pour loigner les insectes qui risquent d'entrer quand les fentres sont ouvertes. Fonctionnent bien...les araignes contournent. Aucun insecte rampant ne rentre. Odeur trs agrable.

Kept insects away

Sprayed this around my windows and doors and I didnt see a single insect. For someone who suffers with an unreasonable fear of insects, this really calms my nerves when I have my windows wide open

RepellShield Liquide Concentr Vaporiser

Depuis que j'utilise ce produit, les souris semblent quitter la maison !

sus b

My fault, I read the info wrong. Thought I was buying 100ml bottle of oil and its only 50ml. My usual oil i prefer not to add water as i find a few oil sprinkles on windows/door step does the job. hopefully this will be just as good.