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Wasp Spray

Wasp Spray

Vegan Wasp Spray, 250ml

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Our wasp and bee repellent spray is an effective natural solution for repelling and removing wasp nests and deterring bees from invading your home or garden. This anti-fly spray is made with a special composition, providing long-term protection and is an alternative to wasp powder killers and harmful anti-bug sprays. It is an indoor and outdoor insect repellent spray that can be used on windows, garden furniture, porch, and BBQ areas.

Spray it on all potential areas (garden table, porch, bbq). Repeat application every 2-3 days.

Customer Reviews

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BURGHERR isabelle

Produit super efficace que j'ai vaporiser sur le toit de mon immeuble. Habitant sous les toits j'avais de araignes et des frelons qui rentrait car je suis dans un quartier pavillonnaire.Je recommande car depuis plus rien ne rentre.

Wei nicht so recht

Soll gegen Wespen und Hornissen helfen.Wespen ja es kommen weniger Hornissen kommen trotzdem.Geruch sehr penetrant

Keeps the wasps away

This really does work,I have sprayed it on outdoor tables in cafes etc and it repels the wasps. It has heavy scent, that is definitely not unpleasant, and lasts for quite a while. I have resonated the table occasionally, especially if its quite breezy, but so much easier than constantly having to waft the blighters away.

Cristina A.
Un buon odore

Non sono sicura che il prodotto funzioni, l' ho usato in vacanza alle isole Eolie, applicato su zaini, telo mare ed anche sui vestiti ( non si mai troppo sicuri di repellere vespe o altro). Di sicuro non sono stata punta da nulla, n sono stata infastidita dalle vespe, ma devo dire che non ce ne stavano molte. Solo in un bar c'era qualche vespa in pi, ed ho spruzzato il prodotto anche sul tavolo, era all' aperto, e beh, non che le vespe se ne siano fregate molto ?? ( evidentemente l' odore dei cannoli e delle granite era pi forte, e come dargli torto infondo!). In ogni caso il prodotto ha davvero un buon odore.

Mick Ward
No wasp came back after USS.

We have a plastic garden storage shed. I noticed when I opened it in spring that a wasp queen was constructing a nest. I moved the nest and ordered this product. It came next day while the wasp was still floating around the shed. Once I gave it a good dose it never came again. It smells quite strongly , but it's not unpleasant.