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Vegan Spider Repellent Spray, 250ml
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RepellShield Anti-Spider Spray is a natural and effective solution for keeping spiders and other insects away from your home. Made with peppermint and citronella extract, it works as a pet-friendly spider repellent and also works against other insects like mosquitoes and fleas. Simply spray in corners and behind furniture for long-lasting protection. Made in Germany with high-quality ingredients.

Spray it on all potential areas (wall corners, behind furniture). Repeat application every 2-3 days

Customer Reviews

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Semble fonctionner

Il semble que ce produit naturel fonctionne

Shamarie Corbett
So love this

So loved this when I sprayed it on a spider it literally made a spider side running away. I think I sprayed in every corner of every room on this light literally every part of my rooms I will go around the whole entire room Room and I will also spray in my doorway. My bathroom, my storage cupboard, my living room straight round everywhere and I havent seen any problems since I was very happy but they do come back because where I live they say spider the season comes every now and then as I said when I spray they go this stuff absolutely works Im so thankful that this one, and it does its job

RepellShield Efficace Spray Anti Ragni

Il prodotto lascia nell ambiente un buon profumo. La pecca e` il costo relazionato alla quantit. I ragnetti se ne sono andati al momento

Seems to work.

This is my second purchase of this product & so far it seems to work. A weekly spray of this product appears to keep the spiders away.

viter toute intrusion daraignes ??

Les barrires insectes ne fonctionnent pas pour les araignes donc ce produit tait nouveau pour moi . Jusqu prsent il semble remplir son contrat??